Target Maturity Funds are structured as passive funds which invest in a mix of SDLs, G-secs, and PSU Bonds. They are not actively managed funds and hence charge a relatively lower expense ratio as compared to actively managed debt funds. Unlike other debt funds, TMFs come with a specified maturity date when generally investors receive their principal along with interest income. However, investors have the option of redeeming their investments even before the maturity.

Different Equity Funds for Different Goals

Time Horizon Who should invest Type of Scheme / Fund
5 years and above • Investors with a five year plus investment horizon.
• Investors looking for allocation for their core fixed income portion of their overall portfolio.
PGIM India CRISIL IBX Gilt Index – Apr 2028 Fund:
An open-ended Target Maturity Index Fund investing in constituents of the CRISIL-IBX Gilt Index - April 2028.


PGIM India CRISIL IBX Gilt Index – Apr 2028 Fund

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