We offer a diversified suite of actively managed investments across a broad spectrum of asset classes to meet the long term needs of investors.





At PGIM India Mutual Fund, we seek to provide financial prosperity to investors by offering superior stock selection capabilities, incisive research, risk management expertise, intellectual capital and innovative solutions to realize their investment objectives. We offer an array of investment options ranging from Diversified Equity Funds, Hybrid/Balanced Funds, Fixed Income Funds, Fund of Funds, Asset Allocation Strategies to Portfolio Management Services.

Equity Schemes

Our Equity Funds endeavor to provide the growth potential of equities by offering investment strategies across large-cap, mid-cap and small-cap stocks. We offer funds based on market capitalization, growth prospects and tax benefits. Our funds are actively managed, and are best-suited for investors.

Fixed income schemes

Our Fixed Income Funds primarily invest in bonds and other debt instruments and offer short-term and long-term investment strategies that suit investors who want to optimize current income. We offer investment strategies across the yield curve with Income Funds, Dynamic Bond Funds, Liquid Funds, Credit Opportunities Funds, Short-Term Funds, Ultra short term Funds, Gilt Funds, Target Maturity Funds and Fixed Maturity Plans.

Hybrid schemes

Our Hybrid Funds or Balanced Funds bridge the gap between equity and fixed income funds. These funds are characterized by a portfolio that is made up of a mix of equity stocks and bonds and will suit investors looking for debt plus returns.

Fund of funds

Our Fund of Funds are designed to suit the varying needs of different investor categories based on their risk profiles, return expectations and investment goals. These funds provide investors an opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of diversification by investing beyond Indian markets.

Our Asset Allocation Strategy and Value Added Facilities are designed to make investing decisions simple for the investor. So whether it is the Age linked Asset Allocation Facility, the Dynamic PE based Asset Allocation Facility or the Insurance add on with Systematic Investment Plan Facility; each solution is designed keeping the investor's investment objectives in mind.

Our array of services include Portfolio Management Services, best suited for HNIs and Corporate investors which can be tailored to meet specific Investment needs and also Offshore Funds, the fund house has been successfully managing and advising India's dedicated offshore funds for more than a decade with an objective to provide our investors with opportunities for long term growth in capital, through well researched investments in a diversified basket of stocks of Indian Companies.