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PGIM India Mutual Fund Retirement Readiness Certification, powered by CIEL, aims to build competency in the area of retirement. This certification aims to help you, by enhancing the quality of interactions you can have with your clients and making the right recommendations relevant to the distribution phase of your client's life. PGIM India Mutual Fund Retirement Readiness Certification, powered by CIEL, is a relevant program that has the power to qualitatively alter retirement related conversations, by bringing in retirement concepts in a very practical format.


  • Prepare themselves to have meaningful retirement conversations with clients
  • Scale up to a higher valuation business model with retirement-oriented assets

current scenario

Most of us are experts at bringing in investments and focusing on the acquisition phase of a persons' life. However many of us struggle when our clients retire and enter the distribution phase. Recommending dividend plans or SWP options alone may not necessarily be the most ideal recommendation. Moreover, there is a growing business opportunity in focusing on Retirement. Increasing number of people across age groups, especially in their later years are approaching advisors to guide them with their retirement investments. Therefore it pays to have better Retirement conversations.


all about the course

  • course content
  • Retirement income needs & objectives
  • Integrate understanding of products and strategy
  • Recommend appropriate tax-efficient retirement income options
  • Understand Investor Psychology
  • Guide to Estate Planning
content outline

The Retirement Mindset :


The need and urgency for retirement solutions


Retirement Principles and Products :


An introduction to retirement solutions, both traditional and modern


Execution of Retirement Solutions :


Well-rounded retirement solutions encompassing the entire spectrum of products,including the distribution phase.


Financial Dashboard :


Covers the Retirement Math and relevant calculators


Converting Corpus into Income:


Provides insights into designing optimal retirement income streams


Understanding Investor Psychology:


Talks about the various behavioral biases that drives client’s behaviour and effective ways to manage them


Basics of Estate Planning:


Guides you on the holistic approach while helping clients decide who will inherit their assets after them

  • course material
  • Comprehensive e-workbook
  • Concept building through online self-study modules with interactivities
  • Online videos, infographics, glossary terms and articles
  • Practical and relevant case studies
  • Quizzes and tests to monitor progress
  • Online exam and certification

course criteria


  • Empanelled distributors of PGIM India Asset Management Private Limited
  • If you are not empanelled with PGIM India Asset Management Private Limited, then you can empanel online in a few minutes

Register and pay: ₹4,000 (excluding GST)


2-Month Online Certification (Self Study)


An Online Remote Proctored Certification Exam will be conducted. Exam dates will be intimated on registering for the online exam. Exam Fees of ₹500 to be paid to NSE which is included in course fee.

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ABOUT PGIM INdia Mutual fund

PGIM India Mutual Fund is a wholly owned business of PGIM, the global investment management business of Prudential Financial, Inc. (US). PGIM is a global top 10 Investment Manager and offers a broad range of investment capabilities through its multi-manager model with experienced investment teams focused on specific asset classes and approaches to investments. PGIM is built on the strength and stability of a 140-year legacy and is dedicated to serving the needs of its global client base with a commitment to investment performance, product innovation and integrity. PGIM has its presence across 16 countries in 38 offices with over 1,300+ investment professionals.

PGIM India Asset Management is a full service investment manager offering a broad range of equity and fixed income solutions to retail and institutional investors throughout the country. PGIM India Asset Management manages 20 open-ended funds operated by 15 investment professionals. In addition to managing investor assets through domestic Mutual Funds, the fund house also offers Offshore Funds and Portfolio Management Services. The fund house leverages the strength and stability of PGIM’s 140-year legacy to build on its decade long history in India.


Centre for Investment Education and Learning (CIEL) is a learning solutions company for the investments and financial services sector. CIEL’s training approach combines conceptual clarity with practical application. It has conducted several Wealth Management Certification Programs since 2007. CIEL's Wealth Management Advance Certification is accredited by NISM under the RIA guidelines. It has trained over 12000 private bankers, advisors and relationship managers.

Register OR speak to your PGIM India MF Relationship Manager. In case of any queries write to: partnerdesk@pimindia.co.in

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The Retirement Readiness Certification is being offered by PGIM India Mutual Fund and Centre for Investment Education & Learning (CIEL), to build competency in the area of retirement which will enhance the knowledge and quality of interaction of the participants in the field of retirement products. The participants may offer services in the field of retirement products, subject to fulfilling regulatory requirements, if any, in this regard.

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