1. Know Your Customer (KYC) Procedure
  2. Investors are required to get their one-time Centralized Know Your Customer (CKYC) completed prior to making their investments. CKYC is managed by a Government authorized body named CERSAI which receives, stores, safeguards and retrieves all KYC records in digital form.

    CKYC Form can be submitted at any of the Investor Service Centre (ISC) of any mutual fund along with:

    • Proof of identity (PoI): PAN/any other document (for PAN-exempt investors) listed in the form
    • Proof of address (PoA): Any one document listed in the form
    • NRI/PIO/OCI - Copy of passport/PIO Card/OCI Card and overseas Proof of Address
    • Non-Individuals (Companies, Trusts, etc.) can use KYC Form for Non-Individual

    Please refer to the Instruction/Checklist section on CKYC forms for a detailed list of the required documentation.

    Self-attested copies of all documents & In-Person Verification (IPV) shall be attested by an authorized official of the mutual fund or its Registrar & Transfer Agent (RTA-Cams, KFin Techology, etc.), your KYD Compliant Mutual Fund Distributor or Notary Public, Gazetted Officer, Manager of a Scheduled Commercial/Co-operative Bank or Multinational Foreign Banks .

  3. How can you change your address details?

  4. Submit a KYC Details Change Form along with a self-attested Proof of Address and PAN/any other proof of Identity (for PAN-exempt investors) at any -official point of service.

    Non-Individuals can use “KYC Form for Non-Individual”

    Self-attested copies of all documents & In-Person Verification (IPV) shall be attested by an authorized official of the mutual fund or its Registrar & Transfer Agent (RTA-Cams, KFintech, etc.), your KYD Compliant Mutual Fund Distributor or Notary Public, Gazetted Officer, Manager of a Scheduled Commercial/Co-operative Bank or Multinational Foreign Banks .Once the address is updated in the centralised KRA records, it will automatically get updated across all mutual funds where you have folios.

  5. How can you change your contact details viz. email, mobile number?

  6. Submit a written request to update Email ID/Mobile registration at any of the Points of Service (POS)/Investor Service Centre (ISC) of the mutual fund;

  7. How can you change your bank details?

  8. Bank account details can be changed by submitting a Bank Account Registration Form at any of the ISC of the mutual fund along with any one of the following either in original or attested by the Bank:

    Cancelled original cheque from the new bank with first unit holder name & bank account number pre -printed

    Self-attested bank statement in original / copy of Bank passbook along with original for verification (with entries not older than 3 months)

    Bank Letter duly signed by branch manager/authorized personnel of such bank accounts

  9. What are the modes of submitting a complaint or a grievance?
  10. Send an email to the service email ID of the mutual fund

    Speak to the Call centre of the mutual fund

    Post on the websites or chatbots of mutual funds (where available)

    Submit/Post a written letter to any of the Investor Service Centres (ISCs) of the Mutual fund

    If you transacted through BSE/NSE, approach either the stock broker or the investor grievance cell of the respective stock exchange

    If you transacted through Mutual Funds Utilities India (MFU), contact the customer care of MFUI on 1800-266-1415 or send an email to

    If the complaint remains unresolved, you can also approach SEBI by logging a complaint on SEBI’s complaints redressal system (

Details of ISCs, email ID, Contact numbers of mutual funds are available on the website or the Scheme Information Document (SID), or the Statement of Information (SAI) of the concerned mutual fund.

Investors should deal only with SEBI Registered Mutual Funds listed under Intermediaries/Market Infrastructure Institutions on the SEBI website


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