One of the most common reasons stated by employees for quitting their existing jobs is “inadequate compensation benefits”. To tackle this issue, increasing the fixed cost is not the only solution. The solution lies in ensuring the financial well-being of the employee from a long term perspective. This would require organizations to enhance their compensation structures with a plan that would enable employees to build a corpus that takes care of their financial needs. Financially stable employees are less likely to change their jobs very often and thus providing stability to the organization. Helping employees to access a reliable investment plan could very well be the difference between a well meaning and a much loved employer.

What is PGIM India PERKS?

  • PGIM India PERKS is a Managed Compensation Plan that enables Employers to follow a pre-determined investment plan for their employees with allocation of specific amount for their chosen Employees under the plan.
  • Investment in PGIM India PERKS is for a specified duration called the “vesting period” during which the investments are held in the form of units of PGIM India Mutual Fund schemes.
  • Until the completion of the vesting period, the ownership and discretion of the units rests with the Employer.
  • Employers can specify up to five vesting periods under the PERKS plan
  • Employers also have the option of choosing either one or multiple schemes under the plan.

What are the advantages of PGIM India PERKS to an employer?

  • PGIM India PERKS is an alternative to employee compensation models like ESOPs, Private Issuance of Shares, Partner model (Profit Sharing) etc.
  • PGIM India PERKS offers market based returns to Employers with all the attributes related to mutual fund investing like transparency, lower expenses, tax efficiency etc.
  • Offers investor service support to enable Employers to stay updated on their investments at any stage of the plan.
  • Has built in flexibility in the form of scheme choices, scheme allocations, reallocation of units and other options based on Employer discretion.


PERKS Employee Common Application Form

PERKS Employer Common Application Form