We believe in something we call Longterism, which is very much a philosophy that looks at managing money over a complete market cycle rather than quarter to quarter.





investment approach

Equity Investments

We look to buy quality businesses with an above average potential for a sustainable growth at a reasonable price. We emphasis on:

  • Quality: Quality of the business measured on quantitative and qualitative parameters, as well as quality of management in terms of track record on corporate governance.
  • Growth: We look to buy securities of companies which have above average growth potential or are in a high growth phase.
  • Valuation: We seek to buy securities that have significant upside potential.
  • Investment opportunities are identified through a robust research process that balances a bottom-up stock picking approach with a top-down macroeconomic overlay.
  • A defined framework for portfolio construction with stock and sector limits ensures a disciplined approach to diversification.
  • Portfolio holdings are monitored daily to validate the continuity of the investment hypothesis or to identify potential exits.

Our Proposition

  • Differentiated Portfolios
    Endeavor to maintain minimal portfolio overlap vis a vis benchmark as well as competing products to help investors achieve genuine diversification

  • Better Quality
    Measured in terms of Return on Equity. We strive to construct portfolios with higher ROE versus the benchmark so that the investors have superior quality

  • Low Leverage
    Companies with low debt on balance sheet tend to fare better over the cycles. We prefer to buy companies with low debt to equity ratio

  • Concentrated Portfolio
    Concentrated, yet diversified: we seek to construct portfolios with relatively few stocks to reflect our convictions, while still ensuring appropriate diversification

  • Low Volatility
    Volatility is a measure of risk. We seek to maintain a portfolio of lower risk / volatility compared to benchmark.

Fixed Income Investments

Our philosophy in managing fixed income portfolios is to generate steady income streams for investors while managing risks in a manner which is consistent with the fund objectives. Our investment process is driven by thorough research and balances both risk and return to construct portfolios which seek to deliver consistent and superior risk-adjusted returns to investors over the long term.

Research is focused on both, interest rates and credit. We thoroughly analyze the macro economic scenario and monetary policy environment to formulate our views on interest rates and our stance on duration. We follow a well-defined and rigorous process to develop our outlook on credit. Security selection is based on relative valuations, credit analysis and research. This process is complemented with a strong risk management framework.

Credit Research is an important part of our investment process. We start with a bottom up process to create an investible universe. Potential opportunities are first subjected to screening to establish a baseline on financials and corporate governance standards. The filtered issuers are then subjected to more rigorous evaluation standards covering both quantitative and qualitative factors. The process includes an internal credit rating and scoring framework as an input for decision making to complement the external rating. Each issue is subject to ongoing review as long as they are part of the investable universe.