Asset Class Expertise

Risk Management Rigour

Consitent, Long-Term Returns

Actionable Insight

Actionable Insight; Proven Credibility

It takes years of excellence to consistently come up with insights that build credibility and trust. In the world of investing, rigorous research and analysis go into producing insights that are built over time with experience and expertise. PGIM has an extensive team of experienced investment analysts and strategists, who have delivered timely, actionable investment expertise over the years. Our ability to see ahead has been possible through actionable insights that address broader issues.

global economy

These are not just investment calls; they are insights on business, economy and policy level changes. Over the past two decades, we have shared insights on the dotcom bubble, the global financial crisis and more. We have produced thoughtful research papers that focus on actionable advice and insights beyond just events. Our reputation of being ahead of the curve has built our credibility globally. It is our ability to read future trends that helps you navigate money matters better. ‘After the Great Lockdown : New Business Realities and the Implications for Investors’ whitepaper is case in point on the benefits of actionable insights.

Active investment management

Active Investment Management

Active investing involves analysing market conditions and making investment decisions based on research and experience. The desired outcome with active investment management is to outperform the markets.

It may sound easy to outperform the markets. But, in reality, consistently outperforming the market is a challenge, which successful fund managers achieve with skill and experience. It involves a rigorous

Ray of hope

understanding of different asset classes and how these fare in different market conditions.

PGIM is built on a proactive approach to investing. We extensively use data gathered by teams of investment research analysts, and their experience, to make the best possible decisions about which assets
to buy, sell or hold.

We have worked towards smart solutions with product offerings that span different asset classes and risk management with each of them,to consistently fare better than the markets.

We believe that short-term price fluctuations are important and can be used to add value to portfolios by buying or selling when prices move lower or higher than they should. Our investment solutions spot undervalued securities and sell overvalued securities.The case for active management is very strong, which we have built into our fund management and investments solutions.

financial rock


With a legacy of 140 years of wealth creation, PGIM serves investors in 52 countries, with over 1,300+ investment professionals and their experience in managing money through 30 market cycles*. Its iconic rock symbol has always stood for strength, stability, expertise and innovation for more than a century.

The PGIM experience and wisdom is what you need, to address your financial concerns and challenges. We have developed deep expertise to bring a long-term perspective and weathered multiple market cycles across the world to maximise your wealth creation potential across asset classes. The experience of PGIM is something you can benefit from and gain financially. Well-planned investments are those that are backed by years of in-depth learnings and market knowledge. PGIM is dedicated to serving the needs of its clients with a commitment to investment performance, product innovation and integrity. Today, taxation, inflation, varying interest rates and equity market volatility are some of the top money challenges that people face. Experience matters when you are facing money challenges. Powered by its in-depth learning and market knowledge, PGIM India help you manage money better in an ever-changing financial world.

Gain from Experience.

*“30 market cycles” represents Prudential Financial, Inc.’s (PFI) asset management expertise through PGIM and its affiliates and its predecessors. For additional information related to market cycles, visit: © 2020 Prudential Financial, Inc. (PFI) and its related entities. PGIM, the PGIM logo, and the Rock symbol are service marks of PFI and its related entities, registered in many jurisdictions worldwide.

Mutual Fund Investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.

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